NPO Redu Pellets

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NPO REDU Pellets - 500 ml
NPO REDU PELLETS No3 & Po4 reduction Biopellets
500ml // shipping weight 250grams
/// Phosphate-adsorber 


The pellets should be used for elevated nitrate levels. -> By long term use, please give a solution of trace elements because many nutrients can be extracted.

Also important: In tanks with a period longer than 2 years should only 1/3 of the specified ml-number used.

  • natural produced and composed of a mixture of biodegradable polymers
  • provide a perfect surface and solid carbon sources for coral, sponges, filter feeders and
    micro fauna
  • the pellets are highly effective
  • stimulates the growth of aerobic - and the anaerobic - bacteria - populations in the Aquarium and reduce nutrients
  • are the perfect solution for ‚difficult‘ aquariums
  • also ideal for AZOO basin where most strongly is fed
  • the best efficiency is given in a fluidized bed filter
  • no standstill of the filter during use !
    (must always be in motion remain, otherwise rot education possible !)


PO4 value in the tank less 0,1mg - 45ml NPO REDU PELLETS on 100L

PO4 value in the tank over 0,1mg - 90ml NPO REDU PELLETS on 100L

The complete pellets dissolving usually between 6-12 months.

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NPO Redu Pellets