ZOOP AQUA Live Rotifer 500ML

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Live rotifers are an important component in marine ecosystems, where they aid in the disintegration of organic waste, as well as ingestion of cyanobacteria and diatoms.

In addition, live rotifers are a nutritious food source for small fish, picky eaters (e.g. dragonets, seahorses), marine fry, corals, and filter feeders (e.g. feather dusters, bivalves).

Their ability to proliferate quickly makes them a sustainable source of live feed, and a great addition as clean-up crews to your tank and refugium.

Zoop Aqua's Live Rotifers are indoor-cultivated and enriched with phytoplankton.

Switch off return pump and protein skimmer for 10 minutes when dosing.

Size: 0.121-0.162mm

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ZOOP AQUA Live Rotifer 500ML