DYMAX Colour Plus (Small Pellet)160G / 400ML

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The Dymax Colour Plus formula contains a concentrated blend of natural colour-enhancers like astaxanthin, B-Carotene, and selected spirulina algae strains to heavily encourage vibrant reds, blues and yellows in your fish. 

It also contains garlic & prebiotics to attract finicky eaters, promote digestion, deter parasitews and support robust health & immunity in your fish. Greater digestibility results in less solid waste production, improving your aquarium's water quality in the long run.

Feed two to three times daily the amount fish will consume in a minute or so. After the feeding period, remove excess food quickly. 

It is recommended to feed this food more sparingly alongside a main staple diet after your fishes' colouration has improved, so as to maintain vibrancy.

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    DYMAX Colour Plus (Small Pellet)160G / 400ML