NEPTUNE SYSTEM 15" Liquid Level Sensor (LLS-15)

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Liquid Level Sensor- 15″ (LLS-15)

Probably the most popular sized level sensor this is the ideal sensor for your average containers used in and around aquarium. This will be the ideal sensor for measuring the return pump section of your sump. You will be able to make sure that the water level stays consistent and any drops or gains in water level can be carefully examined to make sure there are no changes to your salinity. Further, if, for example, the ATO reservoir is empty and the water level in the return pump area starts to fall, then if a COR pump or Vectra pump (coming soon), you can turn the speed of the return pump down to prevent cavitation.


Another great application of the 15″ sensor is to place in your ATO reservoir. Especially if you have a reservoir you need to fill manually, often times you simply look at the reservoir while going out the door and know if it is enough water to cover the evaporation rate while you’ll be gone. If not, you usually stop what you are doing and take care of it. Now, simply pull out your Apex Fusion App and know without even looking!


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15" Liquid Level Sensor (LLS-15)