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High purity sodium bicarbonate supplement to effectively adjust the carbonate hardness (alkalinity) in your saltwater aquarium fast and efficiently.

Dosage: 3.0G of product raises alkalinity levels by approximately 1 dkH in 100L of saltwater


  1. Store in a cool, dry location
  2. Keep covered when not in use
  3. It is recommended that you monitor the Magnesium, Calcium and Alkalinity levels of your tank while using this product
  4. Adjustments (if any) to Magnesium levels should be made before adjustments to Calcium levels, and adjustments (if any) to Calcium levels should be made before adjustments to Alkalinity
  5. Recommended levels of Magnesium, Calcium and Alkalinity are as follows:
Magnesium Calcium Alkalinity
1400 PPM 450 PPM 8-10 dkH


  1. Prepare a stock solution by dissolving the required amount of product in RODI water. We recommend dissolving approximately 90G of product in 1L of RODI water to make the stock solution.
  2. The stock solution can be stored in a sealed container to minimize evaporation.
  3. When required, disperse the stock solution in a high flow area of the tank, preferably an area in your sump.
  4. 33.3ml of stock solution added to 100 L of saltwater will raise alkalinity levels by approximately 1 dKH.

Net Weight: 5KG *Food Grade Quality* Disclaimer: For Aquarium usage only. Not suitable for human consumption.

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