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Clarifier for ponds and water gardens

• Immediately improves water clarity in ponds and water gardens; helps eliminate cloudy water.

• Safe for use with all pond fishes, plants, and invertebrates.



Technical Background
If water is discolored (e.g. yellow or tea-stained due to excessive dissolved waste), use Brightwell Aquatics FlorinBac-S or FlorinBac-W (depending upon season); allow 24-hours after adding FlorinClear before dosing with FlorinBac-S or FlorinBac-W.

Flocculation of cloudiness initially caused by blooms of microalgae may result in a depressed pH; therefore, ensure that alkalinity (“carbonate hardness”) measures at least 2 dKH prior to use and do not apply FlorinClear after sun down. If cloudy water reoccurs within 72 hours of applying FlorinClear, then this is an indication that pond husbandry practices may require modification. While FlorinClear offers a rapid solution to decrease water cloudiness, it should not be seen as an alternative to long-term proper and sensible pond husbandry. If conditions within the pond encourage chronic events of water cloudiness, then it will become necessary to determine, and subsequently address, the cause(s). Oftentimes, the use of an effective and well-maintained mechanical filter will help control water cloudiness; additionally, feeding pond inhabitants sensibly, limiting the use of organic-based supplements and additives, regular testing of important water parameters with accurate kits and/or meters, and performing water changes/replacing evaporation with nitrate- and phosphate-free water are all important aspects of pond husbandry.

Caution: Do not use at night. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Instructions and Guidelines
Do not use after sun down. Shake product well before using. Replace or rinse mechanical filtration material prior to use. After application of FlorinClear, mechanical filtration media will gradually begin to clog as the particles responsible for causing the initial cloudiness are trapped. When the flow rate of water through the filter seems to have slowed significantly, or water is pooling on top of the filter pad, replace or rinse the filtration media and repeat as necessary. Do not “free pour” FlorinClear into pond, which may result in excessive, persistent cloudiness.

Recommended dosage is 5 capfuls (25-ml) of FlorinClear per 50 US-gallons in pond or water garden. In a clean plastic jug, dilute up to 5 capfuls of FlorinClear per quart of water from the pond or water garden, and stir to mix; with water pumps running, gradually pour the mixture into the pond in an area of rapid water flow. Allow at least 12-hours for flocculation process to complete; re-apply in 24-hours if necessary. Maximum recommended usage is twice per 5 day period. Operate pumps for at least 24-hours following dosing to ensure adequate oxygenation and flocculation.

Active Ingredients

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