COLOMBO Iodine Marine Water Test Kit

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Additives for vibrant colours:


The typical beauty of your corals colours will only come to life when all trace elements

are sufficiently available. Colombo has 3 additives for coloration and matching test kits

in order to determine a precise dosage.

Colour-1: based on main element Iodine, also contains 2 other

so-called ‘Halogens’ – Bromine and Fluorine. The elements in colour

1 are most important for pink colours.

Colour-2: based on main element Potassium, also contains Boron these

elements are most important for red colours.

Colour-3: based on Iron, also contains many other metals such as Manganese,

Cobalt, Nickel etc. All these metals are important for yellow and green colours.


Colombo have produced test kits that are developed especially for

seawater. These tests give the best results!

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COLOMBO Iodine Marine Water Test Kit