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Dr. G’s Anti-Parasitic Rx frozen fish food is a welcome idea in the hobby and we’re hoping it works. Most parasitic treatments merely treat the water hoping for delivery of medications from absorption or from using copper chemicals that are devastating to sensitive invertebrates. Dr. G’s took the approach of treating the fish food with the medicine to treat parasites like ich, brooklynella, uronema, crypto and oodinium to name a few.

This frozen, medicated food uses Chloroquine phosphate as the active ingredient and is recommended to feed as much food that would be consumed in one minute. D.r G’s recommends feeding daily for up to three weeks to treat parasitic infections and to repeat when new fish are added to your system allowing for three weeks between treatments.

Although the company calls the product reef safe, to avoid any possibility of damaging your invertebrates and corals, they recommend removing any food that falls on corals with a turkey baster. Another option is to use a chemical filter or phosphate remover to rid your system of any excess medication left in the water column from uneaten food.

The frozen food is made with preservatives, gels or binders and comes in a 100 gram (3.53 oz) flat pack. The ingredient list includes: Atlantic shrimp, squid, aquacultured oysters, oyster eggs, scallops , clams, octopus, Pacific cod, gut loaded mysis and krill, rotifers, freshly hatched baby brine shrimp, adult brine shrimp, arctic cyclops, green/red unroasted nori, garlic, freshly harvested phytoplankton and Dr.G’s reef essential vitamins and amino-acids.

We are not sure the pricing but can assume the costs come in comparable or slightly higher than other premium frozen foods on the market. For a semi-informative video with some relaxing wave noises, click the link below.


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DR. G's Anti Parasitic Rx