Power Phos (Iron Based)

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Power Phos is a new wet Iron-hydroxide based adsorber which safely removes silicates and phosphates from the aquarium. The pollutants are bound to the surface of Power-Phos and will not be released again. Power-Phos can maintain very low nutrient concentrations in your tank. Unwanted Algae growth will be stopped and corals will show their natural colours. Instructions and Dosing recommendation: Please do all changes in the aquarium carefully and slowly. Start with 100 ml per 300 L of water. After 5 days the dose can be increased up to 150 ml per 300 L of water. Never use more than 200 ml for 300 L of water. To obtain best results and maximize adsorbtion efficiency, place the material between two layers of filter wool or use a fluidized-bed-reactor. Check phosphate concentration regularly with reliable test kits, e.g. from Salifert, Macherey & Nagel, or Merck / Rowa. Do NOT use PowerPhos in tanks that already have very low phosphate concentrations. If phosphate concentrations start to increase again, exchange PowerPhos for fresh material.

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Power Phos (Iron Based)