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<p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Basic Specification:</strong><br><br>• Measures PO4/ NO3/ Ca / Mg / dKH* / OLI (may add parameters in near future)<br>• High Precision Stepper and DC Pumps<br>• State of the art colorimetric photosensor<br>• Simple to use iOS and Android App (Wifi). Focustronic App (all in one)<br>• Communicate with Alkatronic/Dosetronic/Solartronic/Powertronic: local wifi via router<br>• Nitrate (NO3)Accuracy / Precision (+/-) : 0.5 ppm / 0.1 ppm<br>• Phosphate (PO4)Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 0.01 ppm / 0.005 ppm<br>• Magnesium (Mg) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 20 ppm / 20 ppm<br>• Calcium (Ca) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 6 ppm / 6 ppm<br>• Alkalinity (dKH) Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.1 dKH / 0.05 dKH<br>• OLI – is our own derived parameter which measure the organic matter in water.<br>Can indicate when users should run or replace carbon<br>• Dimension: 31.5 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm    <br><br><strong>Feature Highlights:  </strong><br><br>• Ability to auto adjust Ca and Mg dosing levels in Dosetronic as sometimes even balanced dosing will require adjustments. This will be done via ODA.<br>• MT will pass test data to Solartronic and user can select auto intensity adjustment based on either PO4 or NO3. This will be a unique feature in our product range and not available with any other lighting brands.<br>• When Powertronic is released, we will include features to trigger on/off or even timer for the sockets. For example, algea reactor light, currently running 12 hours. If nutrient (ie: PO4) gets too low, reduce by 10% to 11 hours).<br>• For ULNS, dosing PO4 and NO3 can also be regulated via Dosetronic.<br>• Expect new feature in Dosetronic for daily feeding and could also be adjusted based on data.<br>• Considering offering an autofeeder for dry fish food. Lower nutrients will auto increase feeding frequency    </p>

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