OCTO BioChurn Reactor INT

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Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with Feed Pump
  • Churn Style Fluidization
  • Cascading Output
  • Easy to Maintain Upper Containment Plate
  • Solid Acrylic Construction


Our Bio Churn reactors are for those that demand the ultimate control over your Bio pellets solid carbon dosing. The superior “Churn” Style” design easily fluidizes large amounts of bio pellet media without blasting it with outrageous flow just to fluidize the media, which is a commonly found on other Bio Pellet reactors in the market today.

The unique motion these innovative reactors produce allow for much greater suspension of the media in a cyclone “churn” style motion created with our patent pending churn plate.  Equipped with our very own Aquatrance recirculation pumps which features independent flow valves, so the user can independently control the flow of media within the reactor.

Our Bio Churn Reactors come in four Series including the in-sump, External/Recirculating and the Commercial line. For the ultimate control of PO4 & NO3 look no further than the Bio Churn.

Technical Data

1. Bio Churn Reactor

Product Wet/Dry Pump Power  Diameter Footprint Height Max Bio Sphere Tank Volume
50HZ 60HZ mm inch mm inch mm inch L US Gal L US Gal
Bio Churn-90INT Wet 6 7 90 3.5 220 115 8.7 4.5 390 15.40 0.40 0.11 400 106
Bio Churn-120INT Wet 10 15 120 4.7 250 145 9.9 5.7 390 15.40 0.70 0.18 700 185

2. Circulation Pump

Product Model No. Wet/Dry Power Max Head Height Maximum Flow Rate
50HZ 60HZ 50HZ 60HZ 50HZ 60HZ
Bio Churn-90INT AQ-800 Both 6 7 0.8 2.6 0.9 3.0 880 232 908 240
Bio Churn-120INT AQ-1200 Both 10 15 1.1 3.6 1.3 4.3 1300 343 1287 340

Pumps (Aquatrance) – CE certified

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OCTO BioChurn Reactor INTOCTO BioChurn Reactor INT