OCTO Super Protein Skimmer INT

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Features & Benefits

  • Big In-sump performance
  • Bubble Blaster Pump ultra effective for Air “shredding”
  • Maximum air injection Venturi system
  • High quality hand-made acrylic construction
  • Hybrid conical body for better foam fractionation
  • Precision water level control output valve
  • Over sized collection cup with drain
  • Easy maintenance


Our SRO series is catered especially to the segment of Hobbyist .With advance features like a bubble diffusing chamber and a Hybrid Cone Body that reduces and stabilises foam production, it translates to less turbulence in the neck area, and increases the contact time for organic waste to rise for collection.

An oversized Air Silencer ensures quieter operation, while the airline mounting guarantees an unrestricted airflow, thus preventing kinks in the air line. With a bigger collection cup it can accommodate a massive amount of waste, which will reduce the cleaning frequency.

Powered by our very own Bubble Blaster Pump, which is renowned for its reliability and power.

Bubble Blaster (HY Skimmer Pump)

Our Bubble Blaster are specifically engineered for Protein Skimmer, with a clear volute which create intense amount of bubbling, much more than a conventional pump. While most other skimmer pumps in the market are water pumps fitted with a modified needle impeller, our Bubble Blaster pumps were the first pumps specially engineered to enhance and increase the efficiency of our protein skimmers.

Our pumps uses the rare earth magnet (Neodymium) which produces a lot more power than a regular Ferrite magnet, and can be up to 9 times more expensive.

An in-built Digital Circuit Board ensure that a constant flow rate is maintained, and prevent the pump from damage by controlling the directional start-up and RPM speed.

During pump operation, should a problem be detected, the pump will shut itself down to prevent damage.

Our Bubble Blaster Pump run silently, efficiently, and at a low temperature. Using Silicon Nitride impeller, which is much more wear resistant compared to ceramics, commonly used in other pumps. It can be run in both Wet or Dry conditions.


Technical data

1. Skimmer

Product Wet/Dry Pump Power Cup Diameter Neck Diameter Footprint Height Output Size Tank Volume
W W mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch L US Gal
50HZ 60HZ
SRO-1000INT Wet 15 20 120 4.7 60 2.4 280 190 11.0 7.5 500 19.70 ø40 mm (1-1/4″) 500 132
SRO-3000INT Wet 30 35 200 7.9 120 4.7 375 260 14.8 10.2 600 23.60 ø50 mm (1-1/2″) 1500 396
SRO-5000INT Wet 40 55 250 9.90 140 5.5 445 280 17.5 11.0 610 24.00 ø50 mm (1-1/2″) 2400 634

2. Skimmer Pump

Product Model No. Wet/Dry Air Intake Power Maximum Flow Rate Connection Size (outlet)
50HZ 60HZ 50HZ 60HZ 50HZ 60HZ
SRO-1000INT HY-1000S Both 540 143 644 170 15 20 520 137 568 150 ø25(3/4″)
SRO-3000INT HY-3000S Both 1100 290 1136 300 30 35 1550 409 1609 425 ø32(1″)
SRO-5000INT HY-5000S Both 2100 554 2385 630 40 55 1700 449 1817 480 ø40(1-1/4″)

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