REEF FACTORY Reef Minerals Calcium 1000ML

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Reef Minerals

Reef Minerals from Reef Factory Lab is a set of 24 products necessary for maintaining stable water chemistry parameters in an aquarium, as close as possible to the natural environment of marine animals. Minerals have a significant impact on coral skeleton formation, as well as supporting the growth, nutrition, and coloration of the reef.

Reef Minerals is one of the key elements of Smart Reef 360, an innovative and comprehensive method for maintaining a marine aquarium developed by a team of chemists and experienced aquarists at Reef Factory. It combines three key areas:

  1. Smart aquarium devices (KH Keeper Plus, pH meter, Thermo control, Thermo view, Salinity Guardian, and Smart tester).
  2. Intelligent mobile application Smart Reef App.
  3. Reef Care products (Smart ICP OES, Smart test kits, Smart Components, and Reef Minerals).

The Smart Reef 360 method allows for water analysis according to specific needs, and all results are easily accessible through the Smart Reef App in a clear Parameters Panel or ICP Panel. The application provides detailed recommendations for supplementation to maintain the best possible environment for corals. These recommendations are transmitted to dosing pumps, which then precisely dose the recommended amounts of our high-quality Reef Care products, providing essential elements to the water for the animals' life and health.

Thanks to the Smart Reef 360 method, managing a marine aquarium has never been easier and more convenient.

Key features:

- Suitable for all types of reefs (SPS, LPS, soft corals), safe for fish and other organisms in the aquarium.

- Supports maintaining optimal living conditions in the aquarium.

- Has a beneficial effect on the growth, nutrition, coloration of corals, and the formation of calcium skeleton.

- Products ready for direct use in the aquarium.

- Laboratory-confirmed quality.

- Highly concentrated and very efficient.

- Convenient dosing recommendations in the Smart Reef app.

Every aquarium is unique, and dosing depends on the coral population and the individual needs of marine animals. Providing the appropriate amount of minerals is crucial for the well-being of the animals, so dosing should be properly adjusted and modified based on regular water tests at the Reef Factory LAB laboratory.

Calcium [Ca]

Net volume: 1 L / 33.8 fl. oz.

Dosage: Adding 10 ml of Calcium Reef Minerals increases the calcium (Ca) level by 20 mg/L (ppm) in a 100 L marine aquarium.

The chemical composition of Calcium Reef Minerals is designed to replenish calcium deficiencies and sudden drops in seawater. Its use is safe and allows for a quick and effective increase in calcium levels in the marine aquarium to its optimal value.

Key features: 

  • Helps maintain the proper salinity level. 
  • Stabilizes carbonate hardness. 
  • Promotes the growth of various marine organisms, including corals, calcareous algae, macroalgae, and bacterial biofilms. 
  • Calcium carbonate acts as a buffering system. 
  • Promotes the growth of calcareous algae.

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REEF FACTORY Reef Minerals Calcium 1000ML