DYMAX Anti White Spot Conditioner Series 300ML

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Specifically formulated to treat white spot disease, a most common parasitic disease that is damaging to the fish and can cause breathing and mobility problems and even death. This solution also helps to remove white fluffs and other common body fungi that appear on fish' bodies.

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• Behavioural changes in the fish. Fish will often be seen to rub themselves against stones as the parasite enters the skin.

• Disorientated swimming close to the surface or staying close to the bottom and tightly folded fins are also observed.

• Small white cysts will start to appear over the fish, including the gills.

If you see any of these symptoms treat with DYMAX Anti White Spot Conditioner at once; and 10% water-change daily until treated.

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DYMAX Anti White Spot Conditioner Series 300ML