DYMAX Iron Essential Plant Nutrients Conditioner 500ML

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IRON ESSENTIAL is specifically formulated to provide essential iron, nitrogen, magnesium and other micronutrients that help to enhance the colour of plants as well as to accelerate rapid plant growth. This supplement provide vigorous growth to the roots and leaves of the aquatic plants that does not contain phosphates that causes unwanted algae growth. IRON ESSENTIAL supplement can be used simultaneously with other Dymax Plant Nutrients line of products such as Flora Plus, Potassium Plus, Phosphorus Plus, and Carbon D Plus, as needed to provide a balance of nutrients for healthier plant growth.

DIRECTION: Add 10 ml (1 cupful) of solution to every 60 L (15 US gallons) of water. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Add supplement weekly or after every water change.
Not recommended for marine aquaria.

Iron test is recommended before every dose.

Remove activated carbon or any other chemical filter before use.

Use for plant aquarium only.

Safe for shrimps

Shake well before use.

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DYMAX Iron Essential Plant Nutrients Conditioner 500ML